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May 28

About Me

/Who Am I

Born and raised in Malaysia, it is no stranger that Alicia KANG has always been enthralled by the diversity and cultures of this land. Since a young age, Alicia gained a passion for story-telling. Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Alicia’s inspiration often derive from her country’s rich blend of history and modernity.

Alicia is a proud alumna from Drake University, Iowa, United States. By 2016, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a double major in RADIO/ TV PRODUCING and ADVERTISING, along with a minor in JAPANESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, and a concentration in LEADERSHIP.

Upon graduation, Alicia successfully landed numerous opportunities related to her field in companies such as ESPN, Alphalete Marketing, and Des Moines Radio Group. By January 2017, the aspiring adult moved to Orlando, Florida and joined The Walt Disney Company, working with the operations team. Alicia’s determination eventually allowed her to explored other departments within the company. She’s had the privilege of working side-by-side with professionals in the fields of show production, stage managing, entertainment, and imagineering.

Throughout these years, Alicia’s storytelling ways have progressed and evolved in terms of copywriting, videography, audio, design, or a combination of them all, her works focus on engaging her audiences in a compelling way. With a flaming passion in her field, Alicia is always in search of more exciting adventures and stories to share with the world, one step at a time.

This multilingual possesses excellent communication skills and is great when liaising with clients and coworkers. Alicia enjoys learning new things and can assimilate new ideas quickly. Her strong suit of organizational and multitasking savvy skills have often put her in lead of others. She values teamwork as much as establishing an exceptional record of working under pressure with deadlines.

Alicia believes in creativity – it’s the initial spark of every project she and her team has accomplished, and it is what keeps her work refreshing and interesting. Creativity keeps this innovative story-teller going beyond her initiation by always sustaining it as a work-in-progress. She considers that creativity empowers long-lasting change, and constant improvement to every leadership initiative.

Alicia’s core and operating principles help to shape herself as a leader with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. One of this individual’s most prominent strengths is her ability to ignite passion and energy, and initiate innovative change. “The POSITIVE THINKER sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and ACHIEVES THE IMPOSSIBLE.”

Believing that her leadership credo is to be constantly developing, it puts Alicia in  the position of always on the lookout to broaden her professional network, as she continues to enhance her knowledge in the field of advertising and storytelling multimedia.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels… The ones who see things differently… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

…they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

- Apple, Think Different, 1997. -


/What I do


Produces high quality and captivating interactive media for clients. Projects include video features, radio promos, posters, etc. to achieve clients’ targets.


Brings clients ideas to life by implanting concepts into complete intricate advertising masterpieces. Assists clients on elevating brand, vision, and goals.


Creates dynamic, multifunctional, and easy-to-use/ navigate websites using templates or Bootstrap framework. Specializes in WordPress sites.


Skillful in the art of persuasive writing. Capable to convince clients’ potential customers with a powerful combination of the right mentality, knowledge, and style.


Experienced in working in front and behind-the-scenes of creating beautiful portraits.  Knowledgable in handling various shooting equipment and environment.


Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia. Able to converse in work proficiency Japanese and understands elementary Spanish.


7years of experience
42projects completed
29leadership roles


/My entire career

2006 - 2010

High School Education

SMK Sinar Bintang, K.L., Malaysia

  • - President of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society
  • - President of Music Club
  • - President of English Language Club
  • - Best Creative Arts Award

American Degree Transfer Program

HELP University, K.L., Malaysia

Spent freshman and sophomore years studying Psychology and Mass Communication courses.

2011 - 2013
2013 - 2016

B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication

Drake University, IA, United States


  • - ALPHA MU GAMMA National Honor Society member.
  • - Nominated Oreon E. Scott Award - Valedictorian
  • - Nominated Top Senior
  • - Outstanding Senior Award
  • - Donald V. Adams Leadership Alumna
  • - Presidential Scholarship Award

June 2019 - PRESENT

Bloom FSA 360 [Dragonfly & Blackbyrd]

Brand Manager

  • In charge of overseeing the complete infrastructure in terms of branding, marketing & business development of Dragonfly & Blackbyrd, as well as proactively sourcing/handling event inquiries
  • Developing the company's brand presence on print & digital, which includes intense social media planning, adaptation of electronic mailers & communication usage to connect & engage with consumers, PR & media
  • Leading & training the branding/ marketing and creative design/ multimedia team, while fully understanding & implementing the framework, SOP, financials & external competitive set of the company
  • Establish weekly, monthly & annual plans in marketing Dragonfly & Blackbyrd, identifying core consumer target audiences, building a relevant narrative in representation of the restaurant, lounge, and club alongside my team, while handling & overseeing coordinations of key events at venue
  • Actively managing outlet's entertainment programming, creation and execution of weekly signature night content, along with research works on relevant competitors
  • Forecasting the evaluations on marketing budget, risks, and outcome of the company
  • To effectively represent company's brand imagery & integrity as the primary communication between consumer, clientele, media outlets, and business partners with company's management


Radio Host/ Content Curator

  • Overseeing content programming for weekly WMWRADIO programming on Aforadio
  • Active scriptwriter and managing content research for radio show content
  • 1/3 voice and main blog curator of the weekly electronic music radio show
  • More about WMWRADIO on Aforadio HERE

2019 - PRESENT
2018 - PRESENT

Wired Music Week

PR & Media Director

  • Overseeing vision, alignment, and execution of company's media relations and press content development
  • In charge of company’s editorial & creative copywriting and assisting on overture of WMW's brand partnerships
  • Forecasting and evaluation on risk management of the company's overall branding image
  • Organization & implementation of WMW's media planning and strategy

Brixton 23, KL

Head of Marketing & Business Development

  • Obligation for overseeing the overall marketing & business development of Brixton 23, as well as proactively sourcing/handling event inquiries
  • Single handedly built and managed overall company's social media, EDM platforms, website development, and engagement on digital and print platforms with consumers, PR & media
  • In charged of company’s event groundwork, coordination, and execution working closely with the F&B department
  • Actively managed venue's entertainment sourcing/ programming, creation and alignment of signature weekly night concepts along with research works on relevant competitors
  • Forecasted in evaluation on marketing budget, risks, and outcome
  • Held responsible on brand imagery as the primary communication between consumer, clientele, and business partners with company's management

2018 - March 2019
2017 - PRESENT

DJ Mag Malaysia

Head Content Editor & Advertising

  • Overseeing overall content development & editorial copywriting on website and magazine
  • In charge of company’s Marketing digital platforms and brand partnerships

Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur

Senior Marketing Executive

  • In charge of company’s overall editorial copywriting, while creating dynamic multimedia content
  • Acting as the main Public Relations & Media liaison, while managing vendors & several collaborations
  • Overseeing overall website and front/ back-end development utilizing SEO, SEM, & optimization skills
  • Responsible for company’s overall content and event management, sustainability & new event creations
  • Leading company’s digital platforms & overall social media profiles

2017 - 2018

The Walt Disney Company

Cast Member

  • Successfully graduated from Disney Leadership and Cast Engagement & Human Resource courses
  • Demonstrated problem-solving, decision making and verbal skills ,while engaging with an average of 55,000 guests on a daily basis.
  • Trained and assisted with stage managing shows and live performances in the Walt Disney Co.
  • Participating in multi-dimensional team, enhancing guest experience


Productions Assistant

  • Extensive experience in behind-the-scenes work including ESPN & House live games
  • In charge of video shooting, photography, replays, video board, and productions for state universities games for different schools

2015 - 2017

Urban Plains

Content Producer

  • Produced trend-worthy content that will help increase viewership and user interests
  • Extensive videography and editing for stories, including copywriting for articles published on Urban Plains
  • Co-hosted a podcast discussing matters on Urban Plains: Listen UP! Hunger Pains

Alphalete Marketing

Account Manager

  • Involved in on-site promotional sales and marketing
  • Expanded leadership and communicative skills in training sales representatives


Des Moines Radio Group

Promotions Assistant

  • Expanded on-air experience in engineering live radio remote broadcast using softwares like VoxPro, Audacity, OMT, iMediaTouch, etc.
  • Assisted in planning and execution of station's marketing campaigns

Freelance Photographer

Appointed Photographer in collaboration with Metro Concerts Live, taking photos for Hoobastank, P.O.D., Rob Zombie’s lead guitarist – John5, and many more. Freelance photographer for The Times Delphic, submitting pieces on a weekly basis.  

  • Appointed Photographer in collaboration with Metro Concerts Live, taking photos for Hoobastank, P.O.D., Rob Zombie's lead guitarist - John5, and many more.
  • Freelance photographer for The Times Delphic, submitting pieces on a weekly basis.

Nov 23

Oreon E. Scott Award, Top Senior, Outstanding Senior Award

Drake University, IA


Donald V. Adams Leadership Alumna

Drake University, IA

2013 - 2016

Presidential Scholarship Award

Drake University, IA

Merit-based scholarship

Best Creative Arts Award

Sinar Bintang High School, K.L.




  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • AdobeInDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Audition
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel

  • Copywriting & Content Management
  • Public Relations
  • Media/ KOL Relations
  •  Social Media
  • Media Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Creative Advertising
  • PR & Media Relations
  • Event Management

Other Knowledgable skills
  • Audacity
  • WordPress
  • Email
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO/ SEM Optimization
  • Google Analytics


/Work done so far

Take a closer look into some of Alicia’s work throughout these years.



I had the pleasure of working with Alicia in Fall of 2015. She had interviewed me as an artist for an article in Urban Plains Magazine. I found her to be highly motivated, organized, creative and diversely skilled. Alicia really invests herself into her work and takes time to understand her clients’ vision. I also had the opportunity to see her work during her radio show “Rising Sun”. She does an amazing job of bringing both her personality and professionalism together in any project or task she undertakes.
I had the pleasure of working with Alicia Kang for over a year at the Des Moines Radio Group. I realized then some of her many talents and passion for being a broadcast professional. I remember one morning in particular when she was the guest host on my station – 93.3 KIOA. Alicia brought in a very large stringed musical instrument and played it on the air. Amazing! Talking to her about her heritage, her love for music and the many languages she speaks is truly remarkable – and a treat for our listeners.

Alicia is one of the most interesting, charismatic and certainly one of the smartest people to come through our well-known DMRG Internship Program. Alicia will blaze a trail wherever she goes and she will be a strong asset to any organization. I fully recommend Alicia without reservation. I would also welcome any inquiry on her behalf.

Alicia is one of the most driven, passionate and intelligent students I’ve ever come across. And on top of that, she is a lot of fun to have in class...
Alicia was one of the best coworkers I could ask for. She was always reliable, willing to help, and had one of the best attitudes on the job. It was a pleasure getting to know her and work with her...
K. MANN, Operations Cast Member at WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT, USA.
Alicia is a dedicated team player who is committed to help reach my goals. In the past, we worked together in multiple setting such as professional photo shoots for International Student Association's committee... Undoubtedly, she is one of the best people that you can count on in terms of getting deadlines meet, while producing quality results.
Alicia was an outstanding student at Help University and I had the pleasure of having her in three of my subjects. Her interest in languages is remarkable (she is fluent in more than 4 languages) and her versatility is also an advantage in whatever tasks she is entrusted with. Alicia is a very capable, caring and creative woman (she also plays Chinese traditional musical instruments) who is willing to give her best in everything she does. I would recommend her with no hesitations.


/Get in touch with me